slightly premature website launch

Hi beautiful people,

I’m back, having sweat blood and lost an unmentionable number of hours of sleep trying to figure out how to either create a website and transfer my blog to it, or turn my present blog into a website.  I’ve been back and forth so many times (three complete website/ blogs, in fact, before I found the right combination – yep, I’m obsessive, all right) that I’ve lost count of what the final product actually is, but by this point, I don’t care!

CROSSED FINGERS FOR POSTIt’s a bit worrying, doing things by the seat of your pants, because you don’t know what horrendous things have gone wrong behind your back until you see it out there in the world, you – and everybody else.

Nevertheless, I’m now going to crank up the website to be accessible to everyone, and I hope you’ll bear with me if things aren’t quite perfect just yet.

I’ll be working behind the scenes to make the new blog page as easy to get around as I can, adding excerpts and little images to my old posts for a quick overview.  I’ve just begun this, so it’s at an in-between stage; but in the meantime, the posts are there for the reading (I hope and pray).

Wish me luck, folks.  It’s time for take-off!



  1. Fabulous website Susannah!
    The Crone reminds me of one of my favorite books, The Women We Become by Ann Thomas. Myths, Folktales, and stories about growing older. I have read and reread many of the stories. It also brought to mind something I wrote in my moments of writing about the wicked witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz because to me, a witch is a crone. I called my piece, The Witch Within. She has mellowed through the years and I learned a lot from her. Not so Miss Almira who rode the bicycle and hated Toto, she totally scared me.

    Congratulations on this wonderful website which will be a source of joy, laughter and sometimes tears as we read and reflect on your stories.


    1. Thank you so much, Patsy, for your kind words! I needed to hear them, too, because I don’t think everyone who followed my previous blog are on the receiving end of this one, which is discouraging since I have no idea how to make that happen. Ahh, the joys of starting up – more fixing and messing around than anything else. But eventually things will calm down and I can go back to writing again. (Thank you again for your wonderful jams. You are one of the most go-getting people I know, and you’re good at everything you put your hand to as well. I really admire you for it!) ❤

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  2. Hey, I read your blog and found myself caught in same situation.. Either to make another website or to buy domain from WordPress. I’ll be pleased if you could share how you overcame from this situation..


    1. Hi Falak. Your WordPress home page looks like a perfect website/blog – and it’s very attractive. Why go to all the trouble of making another website if the one you have works? If I were you, I’d simply buy a domain name from WordPress – perhaps, if you want to, add another title (Blog) to your menu for general posts that don’t fit into the other categories, and you’re all set. If you have any problems, the support team at WordPress are very helpful folks. Namaste!

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      1. Thank you very much.. Your reply and advice is very important to me.. I have got your point fully & I really appreciate that you took time to take a look at my blog.. Hope I’ll see you around always.. Be in touch. Namaste…

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