About Me

Hello – and welcome to Susannah Writes, coming to you from Ontario, Canada.

I’ve been happily writing and editing for some forty years.  You name it, it’s probably been grist for my mill.  I could edit in my sleep – and sometimes do. Graphic design is another of my favourite activities.  If it’s about marks on computer screen or paper, I’ve likely done it.

I started blogging in 2010 with Susannah Knits, a knitting blog, of course.  I soon branched out to Susannah Says, where I had a lot to say; and finally my blog morphed once again into Susannah’s Journey, where it’s sitting at present until I figure out how to blend it into this website with a new name.

So many things to learn!

In addition to my “official” working life, I’ve had three small businesses of my own:

Susannah Hay Fine Art Photography:  In the olden days, the darkroom was where the real art of B&W photography took place, and that’s where I lived.

Susannah Designs Hand-crafted Artisan Jewellery:  Wherein I enjoyed a brief, tempestuous affair with jewellery design.  Loved designing; despised marketing.

Windsong Holistic Therapies:  Working from my  large, comfortable home office, I saw clients, facilitated student workshops, gave talks at holistic health fairs, and taught at our local college.

Eventually I retired, packed up my shingle, and settled down to “the rest of the story,” which is essentially more of the same, but with a considerably more reading time factored in.  Unofficially, I’ve also designed a number of websites for friends but, much as I loved doing it, it got in the way of my writing (and reading) so I stopped.  I still love design, though!

In my hearts of hearts, I’m a wannabe artist – a miniaturist by nature.  We Virgos love anything meticulous and fussy.  If I could paint on the head of a pin, I’d probably never come up for air.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Susannah Writes.  Come back anytime!






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