spring encounter

Bird-watching woman
watching worm-watching bird:

On a wet green morning
at the very cusp of spring,
my early morning walk
delivers me to a worm
engaged in death-grip struggle
with a fat-bellied robin
intent on breakfast.

At my approach
the startled hunter takes
to wing – and with a quick,
involuntary shudder,
the intended meal retreats
to live another day.

 Welcome, Spring Equinox!



  1. Super pics Sue! Love the tug-o-war with Mr Worm, and very glad he pinged back to safety. And what a gorgeous blue the robin’s eggs are.


  2. Thanks, Jude!

    I upped the contrast a bit, so the eggs are a bit darker than in real life, but they’re still beautiful. I have a decided preference for contrast in my pics – probably my inner drama queen making herself seen… 🙂


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