across the fence

     Image courtesy of B. Gibbs and D. Gibbs

Hello dear friends,

Meet Lyko – or, more accurately, Lyko’s eye – as seen through the fence separating his own back yard from that of the neighbours next door.

In the summer, Lyko spent a good deal of time peeking through the fence, because there is a very special little girl living next door.

This little girl welcomed Lyko the same day his people (our Younger Son and his Beautiful Wife) brought him home when he a very small boy and could still fit comfortably in people’s arms.




This little girl had loved Lyko’s older brother Gannon, who went to his forever home in the sky awhile back, and she included him in her blessing prayers every night at bedtime. She often watched over him from her bedroom window, because it was the only spot where she could see him over the tall fence.

Gannon’s very own Guardian Angel, she was.

And now there was a new doggie next door to love. This special little girl brought gifts (a hand-drawn picture of baby Lyko, with a long tail made from yarn, and a unique tag with his name, LYKO, on it, to wear on his collar). And again she watched from her bedtime window as Baby Lyko grew, and grew, and GREW.

 Image courtesy of M. Hay

Then summer arrived, and along with it came outdoor barbecued meals – and HOT DOGS. Hot dogs that fit perfectly between the boards of the fence.

One summer day Lyko (who, I might add, has a very keen nose for wieners) just happened to be sitting at the fence peeking into the neighbours’ yard and sniffing the luscious scents wafting through the boards, when suddenly a wiener appeared right in front of his nose!

The next second, abracadabra, just like that, the wiener disappeared, straight down the hatch. The little girl was so pleased that her friend had enjoyed her gift, she ran to get another.

And so the summer passed.

There were quite a few gifts that summer because Lyko (who is certainly no fool and knows a good thing when he smells it) just happened to be sitting next to the fence every time the barbecue next door went into action. Not one to miss an opportunity, he made sure that big brown eye of his kept watch on the barbecue action through the fence boards. After all, you never knew when yet another wiener might suddenly appear between the boards.

Lyko adores wieners.  The next-door neighbours adore Lyko.

Summers are the BEST!


lyko-at-the-wheel-for-postP.S.  As you can see, Baby Lyko has become (mostly) Grown-Up Lyko. He’s a boy with a mind of his own, is Lyko.

He’s also friendly, laid-back, and handsome. A born charmer. He loves to play, and he’s never met a dog he doesn’t like, any age, any size. He’s always up for a game of tag. Of course, he’s also not above finding a little mischief to get into if and when he can, especially if it smells like food.

Oh, all right. Okay, okay; if you must know, I suppose we can admit it:  we adore him too.


  1. Love this Sue, enjoy the big guy and have a great Christmas season with your family. Big hugs to all love Deany

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    1. He is beautiful, isn’t he. He’s a very good boy, too – high spirited, as all Malamutes are, but sweet-tempered and just plain loveable. Thanks for your note, Jude! 🙂

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    1. Oh, he’s plenty smart, so much so that there are times I wish he were a little less bright. He figures things out in a flash, especially if it means he can grab something and go through the lovely game of Make The Humans Run Around Screaming, ‘No, Drop it!” 🙂

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  2. That they do! Another of Lyko’s traits is “burying” his rawhide bones behind the sofa cushions. That dog’s a born digger, and it’s the funniest thing in the world to see him nosing his bones down behind the cushions until they’re out of sight. Indoor burials….


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