new life 2 borderShh, quiet.


Look around you. Can you see it?

Close your eyes. Can you feel it?

Almost….almost, it’s that time again.

We trudge through our days in the long early months of each new year, times of grey skies and rain, the threat of ice and snow – and often, still, winter cold.  

All winter we have lived hunched against the cold and darkness, husbanding our meagre stores of energy and goodwill, waiting out the lengthening days through the vernal equinox until the spring sun shines on us once more and yet another winter falls away behind us.

Day by day the moment draws nearer.

As each warm day carries us closer, we too begin to thaw.  We too begin, unconsciously, to open.

High-stepping dance of the blue-footed booby as he displays his fancy blue feet to a prospective mate.
High-stepping dance of the blue-footed booby as he displays his fancy blue feet to a prospective mate.

With each brief burst of warm sunlight on our pale faces, our bodies – wise far beyond the posturing intellect – slip into awareness of the throb of rich earth beneath our feet, the burgeoning life-force swelling in the very atoms of the air around us, glowing with promise, soon to burst forth in that age-old miracle.

And then suddenly, as if someone has said “Open Sesame,” one day it’s here, a wild and marvelous explosion of new life in a stunning display of colour and shape and scent and freshness to make our hearts sing.

New life – bursting joyously into being everywhere around us in a sensuous blast of beauty and hope that cracks the heart open.  An endless array of creativity and variety is this anthem to the life-force that created us and our world.

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And where there is creation, there must, perforce, be a Creator.

Let us take a moment on this beautiful Easter morning
to honour that Creator,
the great Thou Art.

Come, let us be thankful….  

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