some days… (a picture and word story)


Sometimes the hardest thing to do,

on those days when all the cards in the game of life
are stacked against you;
when yet another thing’s gone wrong and nothing you do
seems to make it better;
when life implodes on you and you can’t even
see the light of day ahead;

is simply to remember the wisdom of the Sufi poets:

“This too shall pass.”



to be
and giving again

to everyone you love.

Don't stress matted

Take a moment.


Just breathe.
Feel the gentle
breaths of your life
silently coming and going
in your body.

Refreshing your soul.

Living matted

Just so.






  1. Very interesting…I have a house full of company right now and the couple that’s visiting began their visit bitching about everything. I woke up this morning and the one thing I wanted to say was, “It isn’t better elsewhere; it is as good as it gets, the best there is, the best it ever gets.” ❤


    1. Oh my dear, you must already be looking forward to having your home to yourself again. I know I would be, but then, I’m a fairly extreme introvert. I do love people and I enjoy company, but I enjoy it most in relatively small doses; I need my solitude for rest and repair. Hang in! 🙂

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      1. It turned out great. A lot depends on the company. My friend Lois and her son are still here and we’re good at being alone in the same room, but when the other guests were here too, it was enervating. All the discussions about what we’re going to do and listening to a constant barrage of opinions. It will be nice to have the solitude again and nice to have people who want to see me and come and visit (briefely) 🙂


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