Spring creeper

spring violets
Spring Violets

Raw and sensitive
as a newly-closed wound
that tingles to the touch,
I creep into this bright new day,
a hesitant spring violet
slowly opening to the delight
of the sun’s bold embrace.

Weeping icicles
drip onto my boots,
and the rich mud throbs
with squirming, burgeoning life
beneath my feet.

A scant moment later,
the crisp green scent of
new life sweeps across
my senses, and spring leaps
into the air and struts its stuff,
parading joyously
across my welcoming world.

Spring Crocus



  1. Lovely! I haven’t seen any growth yet, but my allergies tell me spring is in the air, LOL. The watch came and it’s beautiful. Many comments on it at the seder I attended yesterday!


    1. Well, I wrote this in anticipation of spring, decided it felt like an Easter poem–and today it’s snowing. Go figure. I don’t care, it still “feels” like spring to me, and the forecast rain this afternoon will take care of this little blip.

      I’m so very glad that you like the watch; it pleases me to no end to know that it’s gone to a good home. (Silly, I know, but I get sentimental about my bead babies.)

      Wishing you a happy Passover, Barbara. Shalom.


    1. Undaunted, exactly! Even a little snowfall is just a brief setback. Spring lifts the spirits, even though it’s not here yet in full regalia. Soon, soon…

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