When is enough, enough?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”

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Yes, I know; my blog looks different. And yes, perhaps it even looks a mite weird, if you’re not feeling particularly kind. The thing is, I’m in the throes of trying to find a new “look” for this blog, so if it appears a bit schizophrenic from time to time, that’s why.


Every now and again, you see,  I become overwhelmed by the need for a change of scenery, which is why my husband occasionally walks into a room to find all the furniture uprooted and replanted in new and sometimes odd configurations – or sometimes, if he’s lucky, it’s only an easy chair that has a new home right in his path.

I suffer from insomnia, and some of my best ideas come to me in the middle of the night.  So in our house, you’re taking your life in your hands if you walk around at night without turning on at least one light (if you can find it).

Now that I’m a blogger, the same fever hits me from time to time at the computer.  I’ve tried shuffling the computer desk around to various spots, all the while ignoring the basic fact that where it was is truly the most efficient place for it to be.

So it isn’t the desk that’s the problem.  And it can’t be the computer itself; I mean, how many ways can a small desk support a desktop computer?  Once I get past all this dissembling, I come back to the only logical conclusion:  it’s time (sigh) to shuffle my blog.

Now, do I simply pick a theme and let the software make the transformation, which it does, incidentally, quite well?

Silly question.  I’m a Virgo.  We never do anything simply.

To be truly satisfying, it has to be picky work, or intense, or what I used to call in my cv’s, “meticulous.”  Like unstitching (known as “tinking” in the knitting world because it’s knitting, backward), taking out 3 inches of lacework in a shawl I’m making, stitch by stich by tiny stitch, because there’s a mistake way back there.

In other words, I have to fuss with it.  I must. It’s essential to my peace of mind.

See now why I love editing?

Minutiae.  I live for it.

Not for me the artist’s maxim, “Half of art is knowing when to stop.” [Arthur William Radford]   When I’m on a tear, there’s no stopping me.  I’m like a dog gnawing on a bone:  “must fix…must fix.”

So, in spite of the fact that I changed my blog a bit just a couple of weeks ago, to a different and perfectly lovely one, it seems that I’m on a tear here to find the perfect “Susannah” theme.  Thank heaven there are only about two hundred options out there!

“Enough is enough,” you say?  Bite your tongue!



  1. Sue, you have described yourself perfectly! I do remember your sewing “alterations”. I’ll keep reading your blog to see the final perfect theme and I will enjoy and ponder each and every post along the way. You are an amazing and thought provoking gal. Hugs Deany

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    1. Some things never change, eh? I too remember my sewing adventures. One nice thing about growing older is the ability to look at ourselves and have a little chuckle. That Greek aphorism about knowing yourself should have been, “Know Thyself. Laugh at Thy Foolishness”! 🙂


    1. Hi Daniel. At first, when I saw your comment, I thought you were spam, but I checked your blog anyway, and I was glad I did. It’s great to see a young person out there who wants to write. I’m older than God, so you probably won’t be all that interested in what I have to say on my own blog, but perhaps a word or two of experience might work for you.

      No. 1: WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. You learn to write by writing and by making mistakes. And No. 2: EDIT, EDIT, EDIT! Get help with the editing when you need it, because your piece isn’t finished until it’s worth reading, and it’s worth reading when it’s edited to the best of your ability – or someone else’s.

      GO BLOGGER!! 🙂


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