Waking up out of a tradition [reblog]

meditation-gilded-for-susannahs-journey.jpgTo Waking Up out of a Tradition, I have one word to add: Wow!


Standing in an Open Field

Buddham sarinam gacchami.
Dammam sarinam gacchami.
Sangham sarinam gacchami.

I go for refuge to Buddha , Dharma and Sangha.

Through the virtues I collect
from giving and other perfections,
may I become a Buddha for the benefit of all.

How many years have I recited this formula of aspiration
waiting for wisdom, waiting for unequivocal truth ?

After taking refuge in the Truth of B-D-S,
time and again,
I landed in the no-place
of no-I, no-Buddha, and no-time.

This raft got nobody to the far shore;
more or less extinguished and utterly astonished.


More than three years after the upheaval, the journey continues.

Sans identity.

The Buddha’s 2500 year old word’s provided such a sure guide along the way.
Now, this life lives
in this moment,
as Presence,
in Flow,
circumscribed by no-thing.

(except when it doesn’t)

This fragment cannot express how it loved the path the Buddha
( and those…

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