Renewal made visible!

Easter Basket 2In my part of the world, winter is a time of grey, overcast skies and bleak horizons; so when we finally get a day or two of true spring warmth and sunshine, spirits visibly begin to soar.

Everyone heads outdoors to sidewalks and parks and playgrounds to enjoy a little sun and fresh air.  Energy and good cheer prevail.  Folks grin at each other as they pass on the street and comment on how beautiful the day is.

It’s a joyful thing to see, this annual unfolding of the human spirit, this turning of our heads like sunflowers toward the sun – into the Light.

Beautiful Morning

And once this moment in our year’s calendar arrives, even the spring rains are welcome, because them carry with them new life, and growth, and the greening of our world.


Namaste, my friends,