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Hello my friends,

Today I’m singing the praises of our tireless, hard-working, amazing human bodies. When all’s well, it’s easy to take for granted the infinite number of precision interactions that take place inside us every moment of every day, and I thought it might be useful to remind us all of a few of the myriad tasks our bodies perform to keep us alive and kicking.

All things pertaining to the human body and its workings draw me like a bee to clover, so when something like the factoids* I’m about to share comes across my desk, I sit up and take notice.

This list came to me via email from my friend Lee in South Carolina, who received it from her cousin, who received it from…well, you get the idea. Neither of us could tell you where this listing originated, so I can’t offer credits, but I’m glad she sent it on to me and I’m happy to share with anyone who, also like me, enjoys reading about the many miracles performed tirelessly – and for the most part, perfectly – by these bodies of ours:




Pretty nifty, don’t you think?






Just 60 seconds to cover the entire body!




The body’s chemical plant has To Do list that is nothing
short of amazing!




Our very own internal Brita filters…




So whoever said there’s no Fountain of Youth?


Now isn’t that a rather spectacular set of accomplishments for the lump of flesh, blood and bone in which we live and have our being…and take entirely for granted unless something goes wrong?  High fives for our fantastic, self-replicating bodies!


*I use the word “factoid” because I can’t verify the source of these statistics (and if anyone does know, please tell me and I’ll be happy to add credits. Thank you!)


  1. I do know that during the last week my body fought an all out war with an evil invader and has, apparently, won. It was a no-holds-barred defense on every front with the single goal of eliminating the unwelcome aliens. I’ve been miserable and amazed all at the same time. I have been taking orders from it. Interesting slide show!


  2. Just the story of exactly how our bodies rally to fight off evil invaders is absolutely fascinating reading. I’m glad you’re feeling better!


  3. Couple more amazing things; ONE drop of blood has @ 5 million blood cells. And each red cells lifespan is only@ 120 days’


  4. The Brain – fifty thousand thoughts a day! We’re going to have to work doubly hard on ‘mindfulness’!!
    New taste buds every ten days! I’m sure mine aren’t re-generating as they should, my hubby says it’s from eating too much hot curry!
    And those blood cells must all be Formula One Racing cells at the rate they do a circuit of the body.

    A fun post Susannah – as usual! 🙂

    Noticed your memoir is nearly ready for publishing! (traditional or ebook?) Either way I’ll put it on my new blog for you when it’s ready, if you like. Looking forward to hearing more about it.


  5. Thanks, Jude, for your kind words. They mean alot! And I’m especially grateful for your offer to post a blurb about my memoir on your blog.

    I’m going to be self-publishing in ebook form (along with the other million first-time authors) and hoping, of course, that it floats. I have to finish the edits my mentor suggested, and then do a read-through, then send it back to her for a last review….and THEN it should be ready to go. Whew, it’s a long process, but her assistance has been pure gold; I’ve learned so much from her!


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